Despite my other creative endeavors, my livelihood for the past 14 years has been that of web design & development. And I have recently launched my brand new site with a brand new name:  The Salty Olive  - Artisan crafted web design with old world flavor... let the heart of your venture shine through saltyolive


My aim as a web designer is not to just "give you a web presence" but to truly bring YOUR PRESENCE to the web. Every business owner has a unique essence that they are bringing to the world, and I believe in creating space for that essence to emerge, because that is what really speaks to people, and that is what ultimately draws them to you. Everybody can relate to this experience; when you are looking at something, and you just can't put your finger on what you love so much about it, but you do. This is because it has touched upon a deeper dimension of yourself, and it becomes more than just looking, it becomes a felt experience.

So when I describe my web designs as "Artisan Crafted", I am not implying that these designs are more valuable or better-cared-for than any other designs, for they most certainly aren't for everybody, but the people they ARE for, will know it right away. I call my websites artisan crafted, only as a pointer to the great care and attention to detail that goes into each one of them, as well as to the clients that they are serving.  And hey, if I could sell them at farmers markets... I would.