Beyond The Night Window

There was something… followed by nothing.

My full heart sank and then shattered like salted glass.

And I have been grieving for a girl I once was.

Smitten with forms and bright with desire, she was a dancing flame in the frosted window of Love.

and she's gone.

In her eagerness for clearer vision she breathed in the night,

and became so hot and expanded that her light just demolished the glass and ice

and now nothing stands between her and the Merging,

and she trembles the oneness for it means

she's alone.

But oh, Love, it swept way IN

and revealed "alone" as nothing but a concept.

That the truth of ONE is so full and immense that our human hearts could never contain it.

So we get tastes... a lick of the spoon, until light calls us home,

and our bodies are tucked sweet in the earth.

Some flights are not meant for this air and ether,

some knowings are spared for another realm

Do not push yourselves so hard towards the edge,

you will fall off soon enough.


© 2012 Sunni Chapman