The Truth Will Set You BE

Sometimes you think you are in a dark hole,and sometimes a wide and luminous valley...

but can I tell you a secret?

you are always home, my love.

It's a trick that I play with myself, you see. I love to pull the wool up over your eyes, so that I can BE.

So that I can wear you like the finest threads, and prance around this worldly realm,


I know you're tryng to take credit for those fuck-ups, and seriously questionable decisions… but let's be frank, and admit once and for all,

it was me.

There is this invisible hand that guides you to every opening, you see...

and my love, it IS your own precious self that has done this, just not the one you think you are.

You and me are ONE on the outskirts

I am what you are, before names had their reign, for every one of them is a label…

a stand-in for the Truth.

Truth is where we meet, my love.

Truth is where your inward eyes come alive, and all is revealed on the stage.

It is a great game, is it not? but can I tell you a secret…

Oh how much more you will enjoy it, when you realize — deeply realize — that you are always,