"How strange it is, to be anything at all."Lewis Carroll

Everybody loves Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll's mad-beautiful tale of one young girl’s trip down into the under-world, through the looking glass—and back again. The reason it is so beloved by people of every age, race, creed, and religion is because of its poignant reflection of the inner-journey, the process and unfolding of self-discovery. Not everyone knows this; some just know that the story enchants them, and that it's full of imagination and wonder. Whatever your take is on the story, if you're reading this…chances are you're a fan. Chances are that this story has called to you at various points in your life, and that it still calls to you, and that is not coincidental…for there are pieces of yourself still hidden in this story, and Alice's journey…is your own.

Every character in every story that's ever been told is a part of yourself; a representation of all the parts that make up the whole of your being. It’s like when you interpret a dream—every character in the dream is ultimately you, a part of you… a fragment of the whole. The stories, myths, and legends of our time all work to resolve these fragmented pieces, to bring them to the whole, and to return us to the truth of our being.

To me, Alice in Wonderland is more than just a story of self-discovery, or soul-discovery… it is a story of ultimate Self-Realization. To me, it is a story of awakening. Awakening to the ultimate Truth.

So it is with this in mind that I invite you on this journey with me—to walk your path through Wonderland, to walk fearlessly through every reflection that appears in the looking glass of life, and to reclaim your inner-Alice: that feverish curiosity and desire to "know," that wildly un-sure venturer who's willing to dive head-first down the dark of a rabbit-hole, that fearless heroine in you who questions EVERYTHING, and turns the whole apparent world upside down—if for no other reason than to thwart the convention that's been trying to stifle you all the days of your life. This is the Alice that we ARE. This is the Alice we are stepping back INTO. In the safe and loving confines of this book, your Alice will bravely move through the mirror, and discover the profound freedom that lies beyond all of our fixed and painful judgments and opinions. With the help of this cast of supporting internal characters, we will move through our no-thing-ness and our some-thing-ness and wrap it all up in a sweet little bow, to deliver it back to ourselves—as the priceless gift of this one precious life.

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This adventure may be for you if:

1.  You fancy white rabbits, and you'd chase one down the base of an oak anytime. 2.  You have been on a journey of self-exploration for awhile now, but you are now feeling ready to go deeper. 3.  You are a bit of a deep-diver and you don’t mind going in head-first. 4. You have an insatiable curiosity about this inner-life, and you live for “ah-ha” moments. 5. You’ve never met a hookah-smoking caterpillar you didn’t like.6. You’re feeling inspired by a lot of the positive chatter on the interwebs, but you long for a deeper understanding of true peace and freedom. 7. You have been through your share of pain and shame in this life, but you are really feeling ready to let it go. 8. You want to understand yourself, because you know that understanding yourself is how you understand the world 9. You’ve been known to imagine as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast. 10. You know that inner-work is not for sissies, but it is also truly the greatest joy. 11. You’ve given up on anybody else being the hero of your story, and you’re finally ready to be your own. 12. You dig mad-cap adventures into absurdity, and you love a little shameless meaning-making for the sake of your own self-understanding.

This adventure is probably not for you if:

1. Rabbits in waistcoats give you a rash. 2. You are brand-spanking new to spirituality or self-exploration. 3. You totally and utterly believe you are your mind, and your mind alone. 4. You are looking for inspirational fluff that comes without getting your hands dirty in the inner-work. 5. The thought of a world turned upside down makes your stomach feel queasy.


Deep diving into your very own underworld is like all things in life — you get out of it what you put into it.  I make no guarantees to change your life, nor any guarantees that you will even like this book.  It may help dramatically, or it may do nothing at all, and I'm just as curious as you are to find out which one it is. ;)   You can take this as easy and relaxed-like as you want, or you can really lean-in, but either way, you are bound to find some gems if your eyes are truly open.


There are a handful of books that I take with me everywhere. Ones that get reached for when the journey becomes dark or my vision gets blurry. Ones that remind me to breathe, to go deeper and that we are all the heroes and heroines of our stories. Ones that don’t pretend that transformation is for anything less than the courageous and the willing. Ones that remind us that it is not for the faint of heart, but that it is possible. And that to heal, and become our fullest expression of self, is our birth right. This is one of those books. Its metaphors, delightfulness and searing vision cut through the stories of all of our lives and reminds us to stay the course and to trust our instincts as we make our way down the magical paths that we are all meant to follow. Sunni has written a book that is a guide, a healer, and a cheerleader all in one.
— Jessica Serran, Artist, Prague
Reading this book IS like falling down the rabbit-hole…but in the most beautiful of ways. Using the metaphor of Alice in Wonderland, Sunni Chapman gracefully unmasks the illusion of what we think of as “reality.” Again and again, gently yet powerfully, the reader is pointed toward the deeper truth of our being.

Not only does the book carry profound wisdom, the language itself is so sweetly poetic that reading it is like sinking down into a deep state of grace. You can almost feel your mind stilling as thoughts slow down and new perspectives emerge.

One thing that makes “Through the Looking Glass” different from other books of its kind is the unique combination of lyrical language AND practical exercises. The prompts given at the end of each chapter are simple, accessible, and gentle—yet mightily powerful. Each one offers an opportunity to poke a hole in our constructed identity to see what lies beneath.

Again and again, the reader is reminded that there is no “there” to get to. We are already always “there,” in Wonderland; we just need to realize it—to dig underneath what we “know,” deeper into the true nature of life and of self. This book is a gift, and a beautiful companion on the journey toward freedom. Every time I read it, it helps me remember who I really am, beyond who I “think” I am on the surface.
— Lynn Hess, Editor, Dallas
I absolutely love this book! The parable of Alice in Wonderland is brilliant, as it turns the often intimidating process of a spiritual awakening into something very relatable and easy to understand. It is a quick read, and full of emotion and love. During some parts I literally laughed out loud, and during other parts I cried. The whole experience of reading this book was so magical and amazing, and every word of it hit home. What I love most about it is the style and flow of Sunni’s writing. She is a true genius at blending wit and compassion, and the questions at the end of each chapter are very helpful and thought-provoking. For anyone on the journey of spiritual growth, or anyone even remotely interested in the topic, Through the Looking Glass is definitely a must-read!
— Christina Vega, Artist & Educator, Minnesota
This book was a taste of magic. It gave me the opportunity to explore my life in a way I never knew was possible. Its poetic beauty and knowledge kept my mind, soul, and heart intrigued the entire time, and leaping past my boundaries to fully soak up all the riches that lived in the pages. It’s not often that someone takes the time to share this much wisdom and love with others, which is why this book is so unique and amazing. I encourage anyone who is lost, looking, content, happy, young, old, growing or grown, to give yourself this opportunity and discover what this book will do for you. I will absolutely be reading this book many more times in my life, and I can’t wait to see what new lessons, discoveries, and new ways of loving, it offers me next. But for now, I will hold onto the little extra magic and sparkle it has given me this time around.
— Hannah Ghioni, Dancer & Creative, San Francisco
Reading Through The Looking Glass felt as if Sunni had peered into my personal journals and transformed them into a heart-opening metaphor. Her ability to connect with the larger human experience of journeying within and relate it in such simple, clear analogies made me want to jump up and down and shout, “Yes!” Knowing that my story isn’t the only of its kind, that there are others in the world who have gone before me and felt the same things.....by the last page, the sense of peace I felt was extraordinary. Sunni is truly a gifted writer. And of course, I had to watch the movie right away!!
— Ruth Clark, Writer & Photographer, Connecticut


"How strange it is, to be anything at all"

How You've Been Running

Trying Things Out Until You Find What Fits / Playing With Polarities

Daring to Go Beyond Identity & Finding Out Who You Really Are

Honing Your Evaporating Skills

Embracing the Non-Sense & Loosening Your Grip on Reality

Facing the Queen in All of Us

The Power You've Been Running From Is Your Own

Finding the Balance at Last

Courage to Face the Darkness, and Lay That Beast to Rest

Grounding the "Wonder" in Humanity

6 Impossible Things


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SUNNI CHAPMAN is a writer, designer, and metaphorical wave rider.  Her creative interests are kaleidoscopic in nature, and as difficult to pin down as a fish in slick water. She lives for the deep dives that pull out the jewels,  and has been known to indulge in mad tea parties.  She writes about all of this, and more at TheDailyBreadcrumb.com

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